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Scrumpy VII rally 2015

For some of us the Rally started early, after a wet and windy ride down and rode into the venue to see the scrumpies caravan division had already set up site for the weekend and were ready to welcome the bikes with a nice cup of tea. As I was first I had to wait for the kettle to boil and asked the plan for the setup. Luckily Linda was not far behind and with the master plan and it wasnít long before we all set to work.

Magic was soon with us and we set up the bike park. It was looking a little lonely with just the 3 bikes and with the bad weather we were hoping people would turn up.

We needn't  have worried it wasnít long before the bike park was full and the sun even came out. We all did the rounds to see the people we only see a few of times a year at the rallies and prepare ourselves for the first night, Icarus played a great set and the dance floor was soon full of people.


Saturday night and Elvis was in the building. Again the dance floor was full, Those of you that go to rallies will know scrumpy formal attire consists of loud shirts. The Yorkies did their best, but couldn't be without their flat caps

Sunday most people left leaving a few of us to have a quiet night. And let Eeyore take over the DJ duties.

It wasnít long before the scrumpies dragged everyone up to the dance floor.

It had been a long weekend, and everyone who worked was pretty worn out but they didnít want to leave the party.

Hope everyone had a great time. Thanks to the Yorkies for the pictures as it appears I was to busy having fun to take any.


Scrumpy people and some friends at our rally