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The Coleford Festival of Transport 2nd Apr 2018.

We went . . . . . . . . . We got wet . . . . . . We came back. But, in between we had fun and a thoroughly good time.

Waking up at 6.30am we were met by rainfall as expected. We had packed the events kit, camping table, flyers, chairs and anything else we thought we might need into the car the previous evening. So, by 7am we were ready to go. A first for Becks as he is always late leaving!. Becks drove his car and I rode my customised pink 535 through rain, sleet, flooded roads and finally to cap it all -fog and within 35 minutes we were there. The gazebo was the first thing up then Becks was off like a whippet back home to swap the car for his warrior. I was left with the task of constructing the camping table which is no mean feat on your own I can tell you. Then I went on to the extendable flags, banner and eventually arranged flyers on the table just as Becks cruises down the road wet and soggy but smiling. (Typical man)!

As per the picture- he left plenty of room as he parked up for the arrival of other Scrumpies. We then sat down and waited for the other Scrumpies to arrive (sadly this was not to be. Must be something to do with the weather). We were now ready to meet the droves of people who we knew would be queuing up to visit the stand and see our two bikes. Much to our pleasant surprise an ex Scrumpie who is now a yorkie arrived and stayed with us all day. Thank you Bunch (Graeme Burton) it was very much appreciated.

By 10am people were starting to arrive and the rain had stopped giving a pleasant start to the day. Over the course of the day we had a steady stream of people who enquired, sat on and photographed the two bikes. If Becks started up his bike once he started it up a hundred times for the children to hear it. It went down better than ice cream.

There was a lot of female attention and the ‘odd’ man drawn to the 535. I think it was the colour that did it.

Before we knew it, it was time to pack up. Becks rode his warrior home so he could return with the car and yes you guessed it …. Bunch and I dismantled the stand.

After a round of goodbyes and ‘ see you next year’ we were off home.

All in all a really pleasant day enriched with Bunch’s company - just wish you could have been there too.

Dawn and Becks.