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Welsh Rally 2022

Ewe made us do it. 26/08/2022 Ė 29/08/2022

It rains in Wales, it always rains in Wales, that is why it so green!

As Scrumpies and others do, we arrived on Thursday 25th and a day early, if we are going away for the weekend then letís make a long weekend of it, and it was not raining.

Shorts and shades was the order of the day and letís face it you also need to hydrate!

It was so sunny we could even see the hills in the distance.

The bar was not open on Thursday (a rally does not officially start until 12 mid-day on Friday) for sustenance, we went to the local pub, which was about a three-minute walk if you were in a hurry. Bandit was up to his usual tricks.

One time in Wales we went to B&Q (tent leakage so we needed sponges) and we found near the doorway, trousers round his ankles, sitting on the toilet of a suite that was on display, asking people as they walked past if they had any toilet paper! It must be Welsh water.

On Friday Joan and I went out for the day to the city of St Davidís, Britainís smallest city.

The city is lovely with good shops and places to eat. The Cathedral was well worth a visit, even with all the steps.

Friday night in the bar.

The entertainment was good with plenty of people dancing and joining in.

Dawn and Becks seem to have started up a catering firm on Saturday morning, they seem to have employed a chef as well.

We had one good fry up on the Saturday morning and then we had a healthy breakfasts after that.

When the Welsh go to a rally, they always find Wetherspoons to frequent. The Welsh could not do that this time as they were working, so we felt that we needed to uphold the tradition.

The local Wetherspoons had a roof terrace. Note, no rain!

We found out how good the Wetherspoons app was on our phones so we had a couple of drinks and some nibbles to share, and then back to the rally.

Loud shirts on Saturday night. Convivial atmosphere and talking rubbish most of the night, as we usually do.

It would have been nice to see more VSOC members and Scrumpies there, only because we had such a good time and it would be nice for more people to get the enjoyment we all get. That is why we keep on going because if we did not have a good time, at a low cost, we would not keep going.

Good company and friendship, and it DID NOT rain (well maybe 1 night for a couple of hours).

Hope to see you at the next one.

Take care.