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Scrumpies Awards 2019

AGM’s, what are they about? It’s not quite the Masonic Lodge with secret hand shakes and all, but most Centres hold them, though you would think they’re a mystery when it comes to encouraging people to go to them. Yes, AGM’s have their structure, with Committees, Chairman’s, Agendas and all those things considered boring by some, though they are necessary for planning and informing the members what’s gone on, going on and going to go on!

For years now, the Scrumpies have broken up this ‘hum drum’ with an awards section midway through the proceedings. And hopefully this article might go some way to explain some of the different patches you can see a lot of Scrumpies wearing. And more importantly, I see this as a deservedly big ‘shout out’ for those receiving them this year!

The bronze standard, is Scrumpyman’s ‘Thumbs-Up’ Merit award. This was instigated two years ago, to recognise the good deeds and acts that all our members and non-members, both inside and outside of Centre 17, do for the Scrumpies. Anyone can receive this unlike the other two standards, that require you to be a fully paid up member to be considered. As with all the awards, if the Committee pick you at their meeting, you have to ‘shut up’ and not get involved, whilst everyone around you is talking about your merits, or not, a hard task for some on the Committee, as I’m sure you can imagine!

For their hard work on the Memorial refurbishment this year, which you would of read about in the previous Clatter, working hard from dawn to dusk to get it done, this award went to: myself (no, I didn’t pick me, the Committee did!), Steve ‘Bandit’ Carter, Phil Wright, Archie Emery, Brian Hopkins, Sue Emery, Anette Stephens, Frank Woolman, Mark Lewis, Ivor Edwards, Tony ‘Blacky’ Black (who went shy for the camera) and Terry Ashby & Alan Prescott who couldn’t make the AGM.

Also receiving this was: Jax Jarman for organising the fancy dress for the Scrumpies at the first Rally, Linda Grove for finding and getting on site a burger van at the Party with 2˝ hours’ notice, Dawn Jones for looking after our Treasurer and still supporting the Scrumpies, Sandra Parfitt who couldn’t make it, for holding all the Scrumpies Property in her garage, and finally young Kenzie Leckie, daughter of the late Darren Leckie, who organised the very successful Scrumpies raffle at the Party. All of those above were well deserved awards.

The silver standard is the ‘Bob Miller Trophy’ named after our late Bob Miller, that was instigated in 2007 after his passing. Some of you will have some fond memories of him. This is awarded to the Scrumpy who does the most write-ups for the Scrumpies website and Clatter. We had a draw this year, with two articles each, a number which has sadly dropped of a bit over the years. So, as with the first year it was instigated, this year it is shared between Dave ‘Becks’ Jones and Tony ‘Blacky’ Black (not shy this time!).

Moving on to the gold standard, the Scrumpy of the Year Award, which has been running in the Scrumpies since 2006. This is awarded to the Scrumpy that goes above and beyond what is expected of a Scrumpy, and if its lucky enough to be a Committee member, they also need to have been an upstanding member showing leadership where desired, guidance when needed and good advice when sought. A tall order. This year, the Committee did me the honour, yes, I was one of the ones that had to ‘shut up’, of making me the first person to receive the award, twice. A real privilege, and I thank the Committee on behalf of the membership for doing so. And of course, I get to look forward to wearing ‘The Suit’ at next year’s Rally!

Janice also received her ex-committee patch, or the ‘smiley’ as we call it, on standing down as Gloucestershire Rep, along with Dawn and Neil receiving their new Committee patches.

I would like to thank all those on the Committee for their support this year, without which, would make the job that much harder. And my thanks to the membership for putting their faith in me as the newly elected Centre Rep. What have I let myself in for, this coming year!

Steve C17 Rep