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Scrumpies AGM 2019

Held in Sutton Veny Village Hall on 13 October 2019.

Getting there was as confusing as ever but we all seem to have found the place after taking a few wrong turns. Itís a great place to meet. We all seem to know the ropes. Everyone brought a cup and we had coffee and tea and all brought sandwiches so we had a right fancy picnic at half time.

It was great that the agenda had been pre emailed to all, as well as being on all the tables. Itís a good end to the riding season, meeting up with mates and getting the low down on the shenanigans of the last year, as well as the plans for the future. We got the low down on the party, the rallys, ride outs and events, as well as how the numbers worked and how to strike the balance between the centre and national.

What was fab was the camaraderie, the awards and the badges and the banter. It was a good spirited event with a lot of positivity in the room. It was lovely to see ideas and comments being thrown into the ring from the floor and the committee listening and considering ideas. We came up with some ideas for the C17 rally entertainment and how to work with National as well.

A new committee was elected. Steve Rhodes was elevated to the Chair position and Blacky was landed with the Dep Chair position. It looks like we have planted the seeds for a successful riding year next year. Thanks to all those who attended, thanks to all those who sent in apologies and to those who did not attend we hope that you like the decisions we made on your behalf.

I would urge you to make the effort to attend the AGM next year. This is when we make some of the big decisions that affect the club for the next year and also govern all the events that do happen. Itís also a good opportunity to meet your fellow VSOC members in a sane, warm and sensible space (dare I say sober too!) and to tell the committee the good ideas you have or what upsets you... Use your AGM to make this a better club. Itís hard to improve on perfection I know BUT we do not want to lose what we already have and what is so good. Over and out Boz

Rob Bozas - C17