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Ringwood banger racing at Matchams 2018

Those of you that know TC (aka Terry Ashby) will probably know that he and some of his friends are keen followers of Banger racing and he has been going there since he was a kid.

TC invites anybody that is interested to join him at this event every year. It is well worth going along to and also shows that this club is not just about motorcycles, but about people enjoying one anothers company at various events. TC normally gets there very early to ensure he gets a front row seat and parks his van alongside. This time of the year is already quite cold so and on this day there was a good chance of showers so having central heating in the van was also very nice

I live just up the road but could not get there on previous occasions so decided I was going to go come hell or high water. As it turns out, showers were forecast but I decided to go by bike anyway as you get free entry into the main arena on a motorcycle and obviously also much easier to find parking. I just double parked in front of TC's van

There was a good turnout for the event and it started with lots of smaller activities and entertainment for kids.

Had a walk through the yard beforehand to see the cars being offloaded and some of them being repaired in very crude manner before the event.

There was even a banger race for little tike push cars

This clearly had TC's mate very excited. Mind you, it had been a long day for them both already.

TC chose the perfect spot on the second corner where it is the most likely place for cars to crash into the barrier right in front of you. I felt a little guilty being there as I am taller than most and felt I was just blocking the view for some of the kids behind so I decided to remain seated.

The excitement that grips you when you see these cars heading towards you is intense. TC seemed somewhat disappointed and explained that there had not been as much action as he was used to on this event. TC also knows most of the people racing and their history so is quick to point out when somebody is heading the wrong way round the track to try and head of a competitor

The skies had opened by around 10pm and as the main race had already finished I decided to head back as most people had. I was pleased I had gone on the bike as I would have otherwise been stuck in traffic for quite some time trying to get out.

Definitely a great event. Hope to see you all there again next year.

By Terry (Joker)