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Me and My Ride
If you have a photo of you and your bike that you would like on this page please attach it to an email and send to
Some personal biking memories from our members.

Steve 'Tonker' Thomas

Steve Field

Exporting your bike by Phil Cox

Alan Prescott

Carr Hayslip

  • Steve Dawson

    20 year badge

    Member No 843

    Steve 'Removalman' Dawson
    V-Max Trike

    Steve is now the longest serving member with his picture on the me and my ride page. He joined in 1994 and comes from Dorset.

  • Posti Manders

    20 year badge

    Member No 1619

    Steve 'Posti' Manders

    Virago XV1100

    Steve joined the 'VOC' in 1996 and he lives in Wiltshire. Posti is a regular rally go-er.

  • Tony Lewis

    20 year badge

    Member No 1708

    Tony 'Magic' Lewis

    Virago XV1100

    Well, what can you say, 'Magic' has been a member since 1996. starting in Wiltshire, he moved to Bristol and has ended up as a Somerset member. During his time he has been Treasurer 2000-01, Deputy rep 2000-02. Liason officer 2003-04. Hence the phrase 'He keeps showing up, just like MAGIC'

  • Paul Wilde

    20 year badge

    Member No 1754

    Paul 'Spatch' Wilde

    Virago XV 535

    Spatch from Gloucestershire joined the club in 1997. He acted as the Glossies rep from 1999-2002

  • Pete Diccox

    20 year badge

    Member No 1990

    Pete Diccox

    Triumph Rocket 3

    Pete from Wiltshire joined the club in 1997. He was Wiltshire rep from 1998-2001. Still active within the club, Pete and Mary can be seen at many rallies.

  • Marilyn Morralee

    20 year badge

    Member No 2094

    Marilyn 'Maz' Morralee

    Virago XV535

    Maz is one of the Scrumpies Gloucestershire members. She joined the club in 1997

  • Marilyn Morralee

    20 year badge

    Member No 2707

    Andy Nicholls

    Midnight Star XVS1300

    Andy joined in 1998, now moved to Shropshire but remains a proud Scrumpy. Andy attended all of the rallies except two because he was in hospital following a bike accident. Whilst in hospital he met Jan, Blacky's good lady, and this is how Blacky came to join the club. Now we know who to blame!

  • Tony Black

    15 year badge

    Member No 3151

    Tony 'Blacky' Black

    Virago XV1100 Trike

    Blacky joined in 2000, became Deputy rep in 2002 and Centre rep from 2003 - 2008 and again Oct 2010. He filled in as membership secretary for a while till Oct 2010. Sometimes the trike works and he brings it with him.

  • Dave Beynon

    15 year badge

    Member No 3158

    Dave 'Beano' Beynon

    Virago XV1100

    Since joining in 2000 Dave has been Somerset rep 2006-2009 and then Deputy Centre Rep in 2009. He is a regular at rallies and is always up for a rideout.

  • Sue Baker

    15 year badge

    Member No 3320

    Sue Baker

    VN 800

    Sue, who joined in 2000 met Clive through the club and they have been together for many years. They both live in Somerset.

  • Terry Ashby

    15 year badge

    Member No 3409

    Terry 'TC' Ashby

    Dragstar XVS650

    Terry from Wiltshire joined the club in 2000, he was voted Scrumpy of the year 2009/10

  • Clive Goodman

    15 year badge

    Member No 3573

    Clive Goodman

    Dragstar XVS650

    Clive joined in 2000 and is a very active member. He was Somerset rep for 3 years 2003-2006

  • Sharon Bower

    15 year badge

    Member No 3584

    Sharon 'Shazza' Bower

    Dragstar XVS650

    Shazza joined in 2000 and quickly became a very active member. Shazza was Membership Secretary from 2004-2006, and Treasurer 2004-2008. She took on the role of Bristol/Glos rep from 2012-2014

  • Mark Jaworski

    15 year badge

    Member No 3815

    Mark Jaworski

    Virago 1100, Warrior XV1700 & Harley Davidson

    Another of our Wiltshire members joined in 2002, before long took the role of Webmaster 2002-9, adding Newsletter editor 2003-7, not content with that he was deputy rep as well 2004-5. Mark took on the roll of Wilts county rep in 2011.

  • Bob Patterson

    15 year badge

    Member No 4621

    Bob Patterson (and Sue)

    Wildstar XV1600

    Bob joined the Scrumpies in 2003. He and Sue live in Somerset and have both been active members in the past.

  • Archie Emery

    15 year badge

    Member No 4622

    Archie Emery

    Dragstar XVS1100

    Joined in 2003 and one of Somerset's most loyal members. He has always encouraged new members and will help anybody out.

  • Bob Barber

    15 year badge

    Member No 4707

    Bob 'Blackjack' Barber

    Virago XV750 chopper and early model XV750

    Bob joined the club in 2003, been Wiltshire county rep, Merchandise officer, Deputy rep and Centre rep. He then became National merchandise officer followed by Heritage officer before standing down in 2019.

  • Rob Wardrope

    15 year badge

    Member No 4712

    Rob Wardrope

    Harley Road king

    Rob joined in 2003 at the same time as his Dad 'Shrek'. he lives just outside Bristol.

  • Brian Stockdale

    15 year badge

    Member No 4759

    Brian Stockdale

    Harley Wide Glide

    Brian has been a member since 2003 and is a regular on our rideouts, he lives in Bristol.

  • Brian Hopkins

    15 year badge

    Member No 4760

    Brian 'Hoppy' Hopkins

    Harley Davidson

    Hoppy joined in 2003 and always been an active member attending many rallies and every rideout he can. You don't see Hoppy without a smile on his face.

  • Dave Bower

    15 year badge

    Member No 4897

    Dave Bower

    XVS 1100 Dragstar

    Since joining in 2004 Dave, with wife Shazza has been very involved with the club. He was Bristol rep for a while in 2007

  • Sue Emery

    15 year badge

    Member No 4944

    Sue Emery


    Sue joined in 2004 a year after Hubby Archie. She's also been very active and was merchandise officer from 2007 to 2009

  • Joan Serwadczak

    15 year badge

    Member No 5261

    Joan Serwadczak

    XVS 1300 Trike

    Joan from Wiltshire is a very active members. Since joining in 2004, she has been to almost every rally and event on the calendar

  • Neil Loveday

    10 year badge

    Member No 5332

    Neil Loveday

    Warrior XV1700

    Neil lives in Wiltshire, he has been a member since 2005. He has been very active ever since, attending almost everything. Neil has held several positions in committee

  • Andrzej Serwadczak

    10 year badge

    Member No 5441

    Andrzej 'AJ' Serwadczak

    XV1700 Roadstar Silverado

    Joined in 2005. AJ held the positions of Wiltshire county rep, deputy centre rep and centre rep. AJ and his wife Joan, attends all rallies and events that he possibly can. In 2014 AJ rejoined the committee as Merchandise officer.

  • Mark Lewis

    10 year badge

    Member No 5476

    'Big' Mark Lewis

    XV1600 Wildstar

    Mark lives in Somerset and has been in the club since 2005. He is a regular on rideouts.

  • Phil Cox

    10 year badge

    Member No 5545

    Phil 'The Lyre' Cox

    XV1600 Wildstar

    Since joining the club in 2005 Phil has moved around a lot and is now the VSOC's most distant member, living in New Zealand. But is still proud to remain a Scrumpy

  • Angela Lawrence

    10 year badge

    Member No 5555

    Angela 'Lulu' Lawrence

    Honda Shadow

    Joined in 2005. Well known by all VSOC members on the Rally Circuit.

  • Rob Lawrence

    10 year badge

    Member No 5561

    Rob 'Fisty' Lawrence

    Dragstar XVS1100

    Fisty joined the club in 2005 he lives most of the year in Bristol, retirement means he can spend more time in Spain. He was Bristol rep Feb - Aug 2008.

  • Chris Whatley

    10 year badge

    Member No 5605

    Chris Whatley

    Warrior XV1700

    Chris lives in Somerset and has been a member since 2005

  • Ivor Edwards

    10 year badge

    Member No 5685

    Ivor Edwards


    Ivor from Bristol Joined in 2006. In 2010 his wife Sylvia joined with her XV920. Ivor became Somerset rep in 2013

  • Kate Beynon

    10 year badge

    Member No 5728

    Kate Beynon

    Virago XV535

    Kate from Somerset joined the Scrumpies in 2006. After getting bored on the back of hubby Dave's bike, she passed her test and bought her own. She enjoys the rally scene and gets to as many as she can.

  • Tony Rose

    10 year badge

    Member No 5863

    Tony 'Grasshopper' Rose

    Warrior XV1700

    Joined in 2006 as a Bristol member and our youngest member he soon became our youngest ever committee member holding the position of Bristol rep from 2009. He took on responsibility for Gloucester also from 2010 until 2012.

  • Steve Field

    10 year badge

    Member No 5918

    Steve Field

    Warrior XV1700

    Steve joined the club in 2007. With wife Mary they are up for a ride at the drop of a hat! He was the rep for Somerset 2009-2011.

  • David Jones

    10 year badge

    Member No 5996

    David 'Becks' Jones

    Warrior XV1700

    Pictured here with a previous XVZ1300 Royalstar he owned before. He joined the club in 2007 and is a very active member who enjoys a night away (Hic). He lives in Gloucester and married to Dawn, whom he met through the VSOC.

  • Ian Patterson

    10 year badge

    Member No 6034

    Ian 'Pat' Patterson and Lyn

    Warrior XV1700

    Ian was encouraged to join the club as an associate, by his dad Bob, in 2007 he got the right bike and is now out as often as he can. He lives in Somerset with Lyn

  • Steve Bartlett

    10 year badge

    Member No 6171

    Steve Bartlett

    Dragstar XVS1100

    After joining as an associate with brother Phil, Steve bought the right bike and became a full member in 2008. Steve and Emelia live in Somerset.

  • Steve Carter

    10 year badge

    Member No 6214

    Steve 'Bandit' Carter

    Dragstar XVS1100

    Although Bandit has been in the club as a Scrumpy associate for many years He had the honour of becoming a National Associate in 2008

  • Steve Rhodes

    10 year badge

    Member No 6221

    Steve Rhodes

    Warrior XV1700

    Joined in 2008 and was Dorset Rep from 2010 - 2016. He was Deputy Rep between 2016 - 2019, acting Centre Rep from Feb 2019 - Oct 2019 and elected Centre Rep in Oct 2019. One of our longest continuously standing Committee members (second only to Dave 'Becks' Jones) within the Scrumpies, making him a 'fairly' active member!

  • Alan Prescott

    10 year badge

    Member No 6277

    Alan Prescott

    Dragstar XVS1100

    Alan joined us in 2009 and has become a regular on rideouts he lives in Bristol but is also a regular visitor to Somerset's meets

  • Phil Halling

    10 year badge

    Member No 6331

    Phil Halling

    Virago XV1100 and Kawasaki 1500

    Phil joined the Scrumpies in 2009. As he lives in the far north of Gloucestershire he can't get to as much as he would like, He has been on several rideouts, he did his first rally in 2011 and has been to more events since.

  • Calley Williams

    Member No 6445

    Calley Williams

    Dragstar XVS650

    Calley joined in her own right during 2010. Until then she came to many events with Grasshopper, her fella.

  • Dave Halkier

    Member No 6576

    Dave Halkier

    Dragstar XVS650

    Dave from Wiltshire rejoined the club in 2011. Having originally joined in 1995 with a Virago 1100 he left in 2003

  • Bob Penfold

    Member No 6580

    Bob Penfold

    Virago XV750

    Bob from Dorset joined in 2011.

  • Rob Bozas

    Member No 6608

    Rob Bozas

    Virago XV1100 and XV535

    Rob joined in 2011, and has been to many events and rideouts.

  • Steve Church

    Member No 6660

    Steve Church

    Honda CBR

    Steve lives in Somerset

  • Linda Grove

    Member No 6705

    Linda Grove

    XVS950 Midnight Star

    Linda has been associated with the club for many years. She passed her test in 2012 and joined officially when she bought her hard earned 535 and soon after a Virago 750. Linda lives in Somerset and is an avid party and rally goer. Linda was the Events co-ordinator from 2013 to early 2017 and has moved on to several bigger bikes since then.

  • Mike Dyer

    Member No 6725

    Mike Dyer

    Virago XV750 and Triumph Rocket 3

    Mike lives in Devon. He joined in 2012 with a Dragstar and soon after, seeing Bandits Rocket, 'wantedone'

  • Pat Voke

    Member No 6798

    Pat Voke

    Virago XV750

    Pat is from Bristol and joined in 2013 A very active member Pat was enrolled as Bristol rep in 2014

  • Terry Naudé

    Member No 6842

    Terry 'Joker' Naudé

    Dragstar XVS1100, XVS650 and BMW R1100RS

    Terry is from Dorset and is a regular at their meets. He joined in 2014

  • Colin 'Col' Gray

    Member No 6843

    Colin 'Col' Gray

    Virago XV750

    Colin from Somerset Joined in 2014 and got straight in to it, taking part in many rideouts

  • Gary and Alison Maidment

    Member No 6862

    Gary and Alison Maidment

    Virago XV1100

    Gary is a mechanic and they are regulars at many of our meets

  • Bill Emery

    Member No 6883

    Bill Emery

    Virago XV535

    Bill meets with our Wiltshire group even though he lives in Somerset (just). He was an Associate member for many years until the scrumpies dropped associate membership, so Bill bought the right bike and joined for real.

  • Matt Rowley

    Member No 6959

    Matt Rowley

    Virago XV 1100

    Matt joined the club in 2015, He lives in the depths of Somerset

  • Ray Stride

    Member No 7235

    Ray Stride

    Virago 535

    Easyrider Ray is from Wiltshire and joined the club in 2018

  • Nick Marshall

    Member No 7293

    Nick Marshall

    Midnight star XV1300

    Nick joined in 2013 but his membership lapsed in 2018 and he rejoined. He lives in Somerset but attends Bris/Glos meets

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